Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Spring 2023 1st half

It’s an icy start to 2023 in Year 2.  The children will be studying fiction and non-fiction texts about animals, people and geography from our colder regions.  The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris takes us on a magical journey through the Arctic where polar bear and human become one.  We also look at the true story of Togo and Balto, the husky dogs that saved the town on Nome, Alaska in 1925.

Our science topic is materials and we will make links from this to our Arctic Adventure theme. We will look at how animals have adapted to the colder parts of the world and we will carry out a Blubber Glove experiment to find out just how effective blubber is at keeping animals warm in such cold, icy conditions.

 The children will be producing Arctic landscape pictures, concentrating on perspective, foreground and the horizon line.  We will weave onto an Arctic background to create a 3d effect.

Our PE dance unit will require us to create a sequnce of movements, working co-operatively using unison and canon, direction and speed. We will also practice our hitting, catching and running technique though a variety of team games. 

In PSHE we will learning about relationships, feelings and emotions, thinking about how our behaviours affect others. We will also think about a healthy lifestyle and how things such as sugar, exercise and sleep impact our lives. In RE we will look at how we can care for the earth.