Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Spring 2023 1st half

In Maths, we started this term by continuing to learn about multiplication and division. In the first few weeks, we used lots of practical resources to consolidate our understanding. We explored how to answer division questions using sharing and grouping and we even learnt how to divide a calculation with a remainder. Next, we completed a short unit on measure where we have been comparing millimetres and centimetres, litres and millilitres.

In Science, we have started to learn all about plants.  We had lots of fun acting out the life cycle of a plant and describing the process.  We have also found out the name and function of each part of a flowering plant.  We are looking forward to having a virtual session with Royal Parks this term to gain further knowledge about all things plants!

In Geography, we have started to learn all about Brazil.  We firstly thought about what we know already and what we want to find out.  We are looking forward to finding the answers to all our questions!  We have been able to locate Brazil and other South American countries on a world map and have started to familiarise ourselves with the different flags. We are looking forward to learning about famous physical and human features in Brazil.

In PE, we have enjoyed our first three sessions swimming!  Everyone has been thoroughly enjoying our Thursday morning trip to Flitwick Leisure Centre.  All the children have shown outstanding effort and behaviour – we are very proud of them all.  Keep it up Year 3!

This half term in English, we have been linking our learning to our theme of, Brazil. We have been planning and writing Shape Poems based on animals that live in the Amazon Rainforest. We have also been learning about figurative language such as: personifications, metaphors and similes and we have challenged ourselves to use these writing techniques in our poetry. Our writing will be displayed in our classrooms and in the Year 3 corridor we hope all who read, enjoy! We will continue to link our English to the theme of Brazil and we are going to write balanced arguments based on the film, Rio. Our arguments will discuss all the reasons for and against Blu returning to the Amazon Rainforest to stop his species of parrot becoming extinct.