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Russell Lower School

Spring 2023 2nd half

Spring Term 2022 (2nd half)

‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday by tossing and eating pancakes will provide a stunning start to our topic.  The children will help to mix the batter; they will think about the process of combining ingredients and observe changes when the ingredients are cooked.  The children will write the ingredients and method for making pancakes. 


A visit from the Police Community Support Officers and an opportunity to dress up in uniform and sit in a police car will allow the children to take on the role of a police officer.  


The children will learn about different types of vehicles in order to design and make their own vehicle.  They will select from a variety of junk materials, construct their vehicle and then choose colours to paint their vehicles.   Vehicles made out of large fruit boxes will provide opportunities for role-play.


There will be numerous stories about different modes of transport for the children to listen to such as – PC Ben, What the Ladybird Heard, The Queen’s Knickers and You Can’t Take an Elephant on a Bus. 


This half term the children will learn to represent 9 and 10, order numerals to 10 and explore the composition of 9 and 10.

They will sing the Ten in the Bed song, count back from 10, compare numbers within 10 and explore ways to make 9 and 10.

The children will build, match and print with 3D shapes; they will name and describe cones, cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres and triangular prisms.  The children will explore repeating patterns using objects and natural materials.


As part of a fabulous finish to the topic, the children will explore the natural world around them and begin to understand that some places are special to members of the community when they visit Ampthill.  They will learn how to be a safe pedestrian as they walk on the pavement and cross the roads with adults.  The children will walk through the Kings Arms Gardens, look out for landmarks in the town and visit St Andrew’s Church.  The visit will inspire the children to draw their own maps of Ampthill and record the route that they take.