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Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Spring 2023 2nd half

Spring 2 2023

Our  ‘Ice and Fire’ theme continues into the second half of the term, where our recent writing tasks have included character descriptions for Vlad the flea and Boxton the rat, the main characters from our class text, ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’.  We have created story maps for this text to support us when we write our own versions of the story.  As we move through history, we will continue to learn about many catastrophes that happened including The Great Plague (1665-66) and The Great Fire of London (1666). As part of our learning, we will research and write fact, create timelines and use drama and role-play to put ourselves into the place of those living through these memorable events in history, from beyond our living memory.

We will compare and contrast our modern fire service with the fire service in 1666.  In D.T. we will use axles, wheels and chassis to design and construct our own fire engine, including real lights!

Our maths work this half term starts with a focus on statistics, identifying and describing 2d and 3d shapes, looking at the number of corners, sides, edges, vertices and faces that different shapes have. We will learn more about fractions, identifying and comparing halves, thirds and quarters.

Our Science this term covers Materials and their uses.  We look at woods, metal, plastic and many other everyday materials.  We think about the suitability of certain materials for their purpose and we sort man-made and natural materials.  We test materials to see if we can squash, stretch and twist a variety of everyday materials. We identify different materials that are used for the same product.

In Computing, our focus will be on data and pictograms using J2data.  We will collect and represent our data, while asking and answering questions about the data. Our RE topic provides learning opportunities for how we can look after the Earth.

In PE we are working on the skills that we need to play a variety of games: hitting, catching, running and attacking, defending and shooting.