Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Spring 2023 2nd half

After a busy term enjoying swimming in PE we have now started to improve our dance and gymnastics skills!  We are enjoying improvising to different genres of music and improving our balance and use explosive moves and jumps.  We are looking forward to creating our own dance and gymnastics routines.

In History, we have started to learn all about the Stone Age.  This has been supported by the fantastic Stone Age Workshop we had in school.  We found out about homes, food, and tools used across the Stone Age and will be continuing our prehistoric learning as we move onto learning about the Bronze Age and later the Iron Age in the Summer Term.  

We have really enjoyed our RE learning this term.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our Faith Tour visit to find out about different religions in our local area.  Also this term we have been finding out ‘What kind of World Jesus Wanted.’  We will soon be having an Easter workshop too! 


Last half term, the children enjoyed linking their English learning to the theme of Brazil and learning to write a balanced argument based on the film, Rio. The children learnt about the structure and organisation of argument writing and the language features of this text type. The children all wrote their own balanced arguments including an introductory paragraph, arguments for and against Blu returning to the Amazon Rainforest to stop his species of parrot becoming extinct and a conclusion. More recently, the children have been studying the text 'The Stone Age Boy' the children have developed a good understanding of the book and have created detailed story maps to help them to recall the main events. The children have been learning about expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials, in order to help to make their writing descriptive and detailed as well as creating imagery for the reader. We are looking forward to concluding the unit of work with the children writing their own versions of the story. 

In maths, we have been working hard on understanding that fractions are a part of a whole. We have introduced lots of new vocabulary like ‘unit fraction’ and revised terminology like ‘numerator’ and ‘denominator’. By the end of the unit we were able to find equivalents of fractions and even count in fractions! We then used our knowledge of fractions to help us work out what intervals on a scale could represent as we moved onto a unit on mass and capacity. This has been a really lovely unit solving lots of practical problems like which containers have the most capacity and how to convert units of measure. Keep weighing and measuring at home to practise reading those scales more!