Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Spring 2024 1st half

Spring Term 1 – Year 4

The term has started so well and seems to be flying by already. Our learning focusses on Italy and we are studying physical and human geography of the modern country and this will be followed by history, when we will look at life in Roman times. Our English lessons have started with VIPERS comprehensions and research sessions, allowing the children to write a biography about a famous person. We are very much looking forward to drama workshops led by Keith Hatton to inspire our future writing.  Keith Hatton is an author and year 4 are currently enjoying one of his fiction books based on Roman times. Having experienced Keith’s workshops before, we know his realistic approach will greatly enhance the pupils’ writing.

We are studying Sikhism in RE and it is great to see how much information the children can remember from the year 3 lessons and the Faith Tour they experienced. The questions, the pupils ask, not only show how interested they are but also how inquisitive their minds are.

In our science lessons we are looking at states of matter and how solids, liquids and gases can change. The year group will also work scientifically and conduct investigations enquiring to see if the temperature of water can affect the speed at which ice cubes melt. They will use thermometers and experience as much science capital as is possible.

Our PE lessons are very creative as we complete dance and gymnastic units. We are taking on the role of a snake in dance with meanders, wraps and the hood!  Sport has continued and many of the children are looking forward to an Athletics festival at Alameda on 25th January. Year 4 will experience swimming lessons from 27th February as part of the curriculum.

Once the children have been immersed in their history lessons they will visit Verulamium Museum in St Albans on 22nd March. As well as viewing a massive mosaic floor, the trip includes a self- guided tour of the museum and a brilliant workshop, examining artefacts, some of which are thousands of years old. We simply can’t wait!