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Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Summer 2023 1st half

Summer Term 1 2023

In the Summer Term we will start our new theme  ‘Countryside Tales’ which contains both a ‘geography’ and ‘science’ focus, centred around the key texts of Fantastic Mr Fox and the books of Eric Carle.  Our first writing task will be to write a set of instructions to catch a sly fox and a greedy farmer.  The story of Fantastic Mr Fox will also inspire us to design, mock-up and make a felt hand puppet of either Mr Fox or Badger, enabling the children to show us their sewing and joining skills.  A focus on minibeasts will inspire the children to not only learn about real minibeasts, but also to design their own ‘imaginary’ minibeasts.   Studying the books of Eric Carle will continue this learning journey. 

In Maths, as well as consolidating our number knowledge, we will investigate, problem solve and use our reasoning skills.  We will revisit the four calculation operations to ensure that our number knowledge is sound before moving into Year 3.  We will also work on time, reading the clock to 5 minute intervals and continue our Geometry work when studying position and direction.

In Computing we are learning how to make music using the technology we have in school.

Our RE unit of work on “Who and What Inspires Us?’ includes writing a Kennings poem on a person who inspires us, local and community leaders and inspirational people across the world.

We learn about local History when we study Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, and how these historical figures link to Ampthill and our local area.