Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Summer 2023 1st half

Summer Term 1 – Year 4

Last half term was action packed and the children were enthralled with all aspects of the Roman army as well as the inventions they introduced into Britain. Hot seating was one area where the children really proved their learning as they answered in role as if they were a Roman soldier or Boudicca.  

Our trip to Verulamium in St Albans in March was so successful. All the three activities were full of facts but also allowed the children to ask lots of questions as well as work things out for themselves: the Hypocaust with the underfloor heating system was so impressive and we found out that it took the Romans several seasons to complete it. Inside the museum, the children were very interested in the self -guided tour finding out information ranging from the coins that were minted, the urns which would have been full of olive oil or wine to finding out about their simple kitchen. Even better was the artefacts session led by a member of the museum. We all held objects that were 2000 years old and we learnt, guessed and worked out what the items were used for.

In science the children learnt that vibrations allow us to hear and that we can hear through solids, liquids and gases thus linking to our science unit in spring 1. The classes are becoming very able at recording their facts in a narrative style too.

As we led up to Easter, it was appropriate for our RE learning to focus on Pentecost in the Christian faith. The explanations of what the disciples saw and heard are not always something that many people can relate to but the year 4s became very vociferous at giving their opinion and then produced some amazing artwork which is displayed on the walls.

Our theme this summer is the Ancient Egyptians and the children have already worked out their names in hieroglyphs and will then be planning and writing a persuasive letter to Howard Carter persuading him to employ them as an archaeologist on the elusive hunt for the tomb of Tutankhamen. Our history lessons will delve into this further and geography will look at Egypt and its reliance on the Nile. Science this term looks at the digestive system and following this we will look at food chains and complete some field work.

At the time of writing, we are all very excited for our residential visit to Condover. We will tell you all about it and will take lots of photos!

On our return, we will immerse ourselves in a full curriculum and towards the end of summer 1, we will start learning songs for our summer production. There is so much to fit in but we are ready for it!