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Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Summer 2024 1st half

Last term was truly fantastic, and the children were captivated by all aspects of the Roman army and the innovations they brought to Britain. It's always fascinating to hear the pupils' perspectives on why they deem these advancements significant. Boudicca's story left a lasting impression, highlighting the stark contrast in living standards between the Celts and the Romans.

Our excursion to Verulamium in St Albans was a resounding success. Each activity was a highlight: The Hypocaust featuring the underfloor heating system was particularly impressive, and the splendid weather enhanced our journey to this historic site. Inside the museum, the children engaged in a self-guided tour, eagerly uncovering information ranging from the contents of massive urns to the age of a skeleton. The artefacts session, led by a museum expert, was a highlight, as we marvelled at objects dating back 2000 years, deducing their purpose through investigation and speculation.

This term, our curriculum was enriched by visits from pupils from Alameda on two separate occasions, which was a delightful experience. Witnessing former Russell students showcase their knowledge fills us with pride as we observe their growth since leaving our school. Our initial visitors arrived during Science Week and engaged in transition activities for middle school, offering hands-on experiences in each Year 4 classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed these interactive sessions, which included making lava lamps, tackling magnetic challenges like floating paper clips, and exploring acids and alkalis. During our second visit, Alfie Robinson captivated the children with his bullying workshops, sharing his inspiring campaign journey and providing invaluable advice on dealing with bullying situations. We were truly impressed by his efforts, and the children received practical support to navigate such challenges.

Our thematic focus this summer shifts to the Ancient Egyptians, with students already deciphering their names in hieroglyphs and crafting persuasive letters to Howard Carter, vying for a role in the quest for Tutankhamen's tomb. History lessons will delve deeper into this era, while geography will explore Egypt's reliance on the Nile. Science investigations will explore the digestive system before transitioning to food chains.

Anticipation mounts for our upcoming residential visit to Condover, promising exciting adventures and memorable experiences. We eagerly anticipate sharing our adventures and capturing countless moments through photographs.

The impact of Times Table Rock Stars on Year 4 students continues to be astounding. The spirited competition fosters a culture of excellence, with      in-class tournaments and inter-class challenges fuelling enthusiasm and reinforcing mathematical proficiency.