Year 3 Wow Day

28th April 2014
All year 3s were intrigued as they entered their classrooms on 28th April through a green canopy tunnel. Inside were all the items which the children had been collecting over the weeks ready to recycle and make a home for Stig.

Challenges were given such as "Make a Wall" or "Make a channel to hold water" and in their groups they set about organising the "build". All work was completed outside with the D&T trolley and several adults to help. All became very skilled with the use of a hack saw or simply realising that wool wound around 3 times made a strong fastening.

All our pupils tried making most of the items needed for a caveman's home and as the morning went on the walls went up, the chimneys went in and water carriers were made. At this point of course, we had to complete cave paintings as well as appreciate the use of pulleys.
You will see what fun we had from the pictures below.