Autumn 2020

The Powers of you and Me!

In Year One we have had a ‘super’ start to the year!

This half term we have enjoyed reading and listening to stories about different super heroes. From Supertato to Superworm  - we have acted out, talked about and written about lots of different superheroes.  We created our own Superhero vegetable and described their super powers.

In the next half term, we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night as well as ‘remembering others’ as we move towards Christmas. We will be listening to poems, having a go at creating our own and continuing to work on our letter formation and handwriting.

As well as being super in English we have also been super mathematicians! This half term we have been counting forwards, backwards. We have ordered and compared numbers to 20 and used the vocabulary of greater than, less than and equal to to compare sets of objects. 

As we move into next half term we will be learning about addition and subtraction and the symbols, number bonds to 10 and naming and sorting 2 and 3D shapes. The children will be learning about Place Value – (10s and 1s) and revisit one more and one less.

In Science we have been investigating materials and their properties. We sorted the objects by the material they were made from and by their properties. We also conducted an experiment to investigate which material would be the best to repair a hole in an umbrella.

Next half term we will be learning about seasonal changes and weather patterns in our Science and Geography lessons.

We are also looking forward to our Superhero day before the end of term!

We are looking forward to another ‘super’ half term in Year One!

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Year 1 team