Autumn 2020 1st half

Memory Box

The Year 4 children have made an amazing effort to adjust to their new classes and it has been done effortlessly despite missing lots of Year 3. The year group class teachers have begun their second year working together and this year will be supported by an amazing group of hard working HLTA/LSAs; Mrs Halsey, Mrs Connolly, Mrs Roberts, Ms Baker and Mrs Goldsmith. We are very lucky to have Mr Norman from Premier Sports to coach the children this year.

We started the term with the theme ‘Memory Box’ and enjoyed a different trip to Wimpole Farm using video diaries and saw some behind the scenes images not seen before. Farmer Weir and his staff have done an amazing job to keep the farm going and the children have been kept busy with a number of related tasks. This has included understanding how to write clear instructions for an apple crumble recipe and we have been amazed to see how many children have had an opportunity to try this out for themselves at home! They have also conducted a scientific experiment to see how best to store tomatoes so they stay fresher for longer and weekly observed with awe (horror!) the growth of mould on some of the tomatoes.

As well as ensuring that the catch up curriculum is quickly filling in the gaps in English and Maths as a result of lockdown, the children have had the opportunity to experience the wider curriculum. In computing the children have improved their digital literacy through enhancing their word processing skills as well as trying a new program called Free Mind to classify animals.    In music the children have been learning to play the glockenspiel while in Geography they have brushed up on their general knowledge of the UK and can now name some cities, rivers, mountains and capital cities. It would be great if at home you could continue to help the children develop this knowledge.  With all this activity Year 4 have deserved a well-deserved break this half term!

We have been truly amazed by the impact of Times Table Rock Stars on the current Year 4. The data shows that the majority of children have completely embraced this new app. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help the children master the times tables. To be a Times Table Rock Star you need to answer any multiplication fact up to 12×12 in less than 3 seconds! There are quite a few children who are proud to say they are quicker than their teachers! Please continue to encourage your child to play regularly every day at home for about 5/10 minutes.

Next term we continue to focus on the role that horses performed on the farm and how this changed with the start of World War One. This allows the children to study the First World War but from the perspective of the relationship between a soldier and his horse as is so eloquently described in ‘War Horse.’ This allows the children to use literacy to compare life before and after the war from a soldier’s viewpoint. If anyone has any artefacts or memories that they would like to share, then please speak to any of the Year 4 teachers.