Cash 4 Coins

14th November 2014

The PTA are giving you an opportunity to get rid of some old and foreign coins and help the school raise some funds too. If you do have any non legal tender UK coins or notes, or foreign currency you won't be able to use again, then please pop it in an envelope or money bag and bring in to school over the next few weeks. There will also be a bucket in the school office for the collection, if you want to take any coins in. 

If you work somewhere where you or colleagues travel and there might be some foreign coins floating about, then let us know and the PTA can give you your own collection bottle!

The PTA are using a company called Cash 4 Coins to turn this old money into legal tender to add their  funds, so anything you can give (look down the back of the sofa...) would be appreciated. 

Thanks Everyone!