Year 4 Leavers 2019-2020

A message to all our wonderful Year 4s

Dear everyone in Year 4,

Ssh!  Don’t tell anyone, but your year group has a very special place in my heart. 

Way back in 2015, it wasn’t just you who started at Russell Lower School – it was me too!

I had been working in Luton up until then, and I was very nervous on my first day – just like you!

We began our Russell ‘careers’ together five years ago.  I can still picture you as tiny ‘tots’ navigating the school space which had not long finished being a building site!  My goodness how much you have grown (in every way) since then…

The school has continued to change with you.  Not long after that, we had to move you out of your classrooms so that we could ‘refurbish’ (big word that means decorate) the ‘old’ bits of the school to look like the ‘new’ bits.  Yet again, you were amazing and took to this with no trouble at all.

Over the years we’ve had drama (no heating for a week in winter and hot chocolates all round! Not to mention Coronavirus!), fun and laughter (brilliant trips, visitors and events like the circus and Inflatable fun day) and immensely proud moments – I loved that Year 3 production ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ I still haven’t recovered from Harry’s amazing performance as Mr Martin Handy, or Phoebe and Sam as Mr Watton and Mrs Walker!  How sad that we have been robbed of a chance to see your Year 4 performance – horrible virus!

However, at the end of this academic year, we know we have to let you go… we also know you are ready for it and you are going to be brilliant!

I wish you all the luck in the world, and only ask that you come back and visit us soon.

As you go…take this important message: It is what you DO that makes you YOU, and YOU are FABULOUS! Take everything you have learned with you…and be brilliant!

With lots of love and best wishes for the future,

Mrs Walker


A poem for year 4
Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before?
You are all Russell children right to the core.
You have made us proud every single day
Adding a little something to our Russell community in your own little way.
You have achieved so much and worked so hard
Please know that you will always be part of our huge Russell heart!
And as you take the next step into your future
Please keep us in mind when you begin your adventure
Work hard, stay safe and show your next school
Just how amazing you all are and remember...stay supercool! 
Wishing you all the very best for your futures.
Lots of love,
Mrs Bunney xx