Summer 2019 1st half

Summer Term 2019 (1st half)


The discovery of a treasure map will provide a stunning start to our topic.  The children will create and label their own treasure map.  They will adopt a pirate name that they can use throughout the topic.  In P.E., they will imagine that they are climbing the rigging, scrubbing the deck, walking the plank etc. In I.C.T, the children will draw a pirate map.

The children will think about how pirates would grow plants on an island, they will write instructions, plant seeds and talk about the changes that they can see as the plants grow. 

There will be an opportunity to recall facts about the Arctic and Ampthill and compare these locations to an island such as Madagascar.

Designing and making a pirate ship will give the children opportunities to use tools safely and adapt the materials that they use.  They will draw a pirate ship in I.C.T. The children will have opportunities to create their own models and pictures using junk modelling resources, paint and collage materials.  The children will investigate floating and sinking and talk about their discoveries. 

In Mathematics, the children will count forwards and backwards and will write numerals. They will double, halve and share numbers in practical contexts.  The children will use I.C.T to draw 2D shapes, draw shapes in the sand, roll 3D shapes down a plank, name and talk about shapes using mathematical language. 

The children will consider how to look after a baby pirate and will talk about how humans grow.  This will give the children the opportunity to talk about how they have grown and changed since they were babies.

Using what they have found out about pirates, the children will create their own pirate character; consider how he/she will be dressed and what adventures he/she will have.  The children will visit Ampthill Library, listen to a story about pirates, and find out about fiction and non-fiction books.  This visit will inspire the children to write their own stories about a pirate, which will include a setting, a character and an event. 

The children will find out about pirate pets such as parrots, rats, cats and dogs and will write about a pet that they own or that a relative or friend owns.

A fabulous finish to our topic will be a Pirate Day, when the children will come to school dressed as a pirate and take part in pirate activities.