Spring 2019 2nd half

Spring Term 2019 (2nd half)

‘Frozen World’ – Polar Bears

Mysterious snowy paw prints in the playground will provide a stunning start to our topic.  The children in Foundation Stage will find out about the Arctic and polar bears using non-fiction texts and web sites, they will write factual sentences about polar bears.  The children will listen to stories about fictional bears such as - Snow Bear, Going on a Bear Hunt and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The Post Office, castle, igloo will offer opportunities for role-play.  The children will be playing board games based upon We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Polar Bears.  The children will celebrate Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes; they will write the ingredients and method for making pancakes.    


The children will write and paint numerals using the correct formation, compare, order numbers to 20 and match a numeral to a set.  They will estimate the number of polar bears that they can see and estimate the number of bricks used in a Lego model.  They will learn that teen numbers are ten plus some more. They will learn the names and value of coins, and use these to buy a stamp at the Post Office.


The children will imagine that a polar bear is eating seals and subtract one quantity from another and count back to find the answer.  They will identify the largest and smallest set and the larger and the smaller of two numbers using position on the number line as a guide. The children will say the next number and the number before any number and write + and - sentences to match one more/less.


The children will recite and order the days of the week, use language such as yesterday, today and tomorrow, recognise o’clock times on analogue and digital clocks and match to key events in their daily routine and in stories.  The children will use the language of position and direction and program a Beebot.


The children will partition numbers and learn number pairs to 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, match sets of bears to addition sentences and see that addition is commutative, i.e. 5 + 3 is the same as 3 + 5.


By using techniques such as printing, collage and sewing the children will create their own bears and will use a paint package to create a greetings card.  They will sing a variety of songs about bears.


The children will take part in activities linked to their senses. 

As part of a fabulous finish to the topic, the children will write invitations to their bears inviting them to a picnic.  The children will walk to the Post Office in Ampthill, buy a stamp, post their letter and then visit the market and the Kings Arms Gardens.  The bears will be excited to receive their invitations and on the day of the picnic each child will make a sandwich for a friend by finding out which bread and filling they would like