Autumn 2018

Autumn Term 2018 (1st half)

 Knock! Knock! Who’s Behind the Door?


Sharing the contents of our special boxes with the rest of the class was a stunning start to our topic; everyone learned how to listen carefully to others.

Every Monday there was a special object behind the door indicating what the children would be learning about that week – a special box, a face, a skeleton, an owl and a dinosaur.  The children found out about each other and learned the school routines.   

They learned about alliteration and rhyme and listened to stories, rhymes and poems. The children developed their listening skills and learned to say and write letter sounds.  They learned to aurally segment and blend sounds in words. The Theatre, Home Corner and Fruit Shop were fun places to play. 

The children enjoyed singing number songs, creating repeating patterns, counting groups of objects, recognising numerals and using language related to time and position.

Everyone had to concentrate when using the computer to create their face and create handwriting patterns from left to right.  

The children compared the features of each other and talk about similarities and differences when drawing their self-portraits.  They talked about different parts of the body.

During Gymnastics, the children found ways to balance.  In P.E., the children followed Basic Moves activities exploring ways to travel and practising ball skills.   The children developed their fine motor skills by threading, using tweezers and scissors and by making handwriting patterns.


As a fabulous finish, the children decorated a gingerbread man.