Spring 2019 1st half

‘Frozen World - Penguins’

A surprise visit from a small penguin will provide a stunning start to our topic.  The children in Foundation Stage will find out about Antarctica and penguins using non-fiction texts and web sites, they will write factual sentences about penguins.  The children will listen to stories about fictional penguins such as ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

The children will learn about symmetry by cutting out paper snowflakes and learning about pattern by printing repeating patterns.  They will recite numbers to 100 and compare and order numbers to 20.  The children will partition sets of ten penguins and learn number pairs to 10.  The children will use 3D shapes such as cubes, spheres, cuboids, cones, pyramids and cylinders to create penguins, describing the shapes’ properties, including the 2D shapes of their flat faces. The children will be comparing length, height and weight, using non-standard units and also timing events.

There will be lot to discover when the children use maps and globes to locate Ampthill and Antarctica, they will also learn about the life-cycle of a penguin.  The children will observe changes when they investigate ice. 

The children will learn songs such as ‘I’m a Little Penguin.’  They will use clay to make their own penguin and also perform a Penguin Dance.  Using a computer program, they will use the fill tool to colour a penguin picture. The children will experiment using cold colours, wax resist and sponges to create snowy scenes. The Book Shop, Ice Palace and Igloo will offer opportunities for role-play. 

The children will dress in white and blue and have an Ice Party; they will enjoy ice pops, ice cream, ice lollies and slush as part of a fabulous finish to the topic.