Our Curriculum Leaders

We want children to leave Russell as capable, confident, creative, resilient, ethical and challenging individuals.
At Russell Lower School we offer and value a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.  We aim to foster the 'whole' child and consider the curriculum everything that your child will experience at school, from dawn to dusk.
Under 'Our Curriculum' you will find a one page summary of what Russell Lower School provides to develop the whole child.
All subjects at Russell Lower School have a subject leader, who fosters and develops passion, skills and knowledge in their subject.
Please find these responsibilities below:
Curriculum Responsibilities
English                                                        Mrs Caroline Johnson
Maths                                                        Mrs Zoe Hitchings
Science and outdoor learning                     Mrs Helena Moffat
Physical Education  and Sports Premium    Mrs Sophie Hale & Mrs Louise Bunney 
Phonics                                                      Mrs Emma Jochacy
History                                                     Mrs Becky Cox
Geography                                                Miss Clara Rawlings
Art and Design                                         Miss Rachel Walker & Mr Callum Syrett
Design and Technology                             Mrs Aleks Athanasiou
Modern Foreign Languages                       Mrs Sam Connolly
Computing                                                Mrs Chelsea Moore
Music                                                       Mrs Katherine Milligan & Mrs Nicki Walker
PSHE/RSE/School Council                       Miss Becky Thompson
Religious Education                                  Mrs Dawn Tuck