Redborne Science Visit

3rd February 2014

On three separate afternoons in December, February and March, all our year 4s have been able to visit Redborne Upper School to experience chemistry.

In liaison with Mr Ciampa and Mrs Harrison at Redborne, twenty pupils at a time have become enthralled in the facilities and resources which an upper school has to offer. Firstly the children were lucky enough to see some snakes and a bearded dragon before moving on to the chemistry lab. Once inside, our pupils were seated and guided step by step on the use of a Bunsen burner. With safety goggles on, one child at a time lit the Bunsen burner on front of them and waited further instructions. Their task was to offer spills, dipped in various solutions, to the Bunsen burners. Potassium glowed lilac, sodium glowed orange/yellow, copper was blue and lithium, red. One of our students compared the copper colour to the Southern lights, which we had been studying in our Antarctica topic. The concentration from our pupils was lovely to see and each visit has yet again made us very proud of Russell children.

At the end of each session Mr Ciampa carried out some demonstrations: elephant toothpaste was made with hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and potassium iodide; methane bubbles (methane gas through a soap solution) were enormous and then lit with a lighted splint; propan 2-ol in a large empty water bottle went up with a whoosh when a flame was offered to it.  

These visits were not only educational but also fun and inspiring. What a great experience.

More photos from the visit can be found in the Gallery section.