Foundation Stage reading and writing workshop - 1/10/20

FS Reading and Writing Workshop
Normallly, we would invite you into school to attend a FS  Reading  and  Writing  Workshop today.  Mrs Brown and I would talk you through how we approach teaching reading and writing at school and how you can support your children from home.

Regrettably as you know, we are currently unable to have parents in school, so we have created a Loom Video of the workshop for you to watch (and re-watch if you want to!) at your leisure.  Please see below.

As well as the link to the workshop itself, we have also created a Loom Video demonstrating how to say the letter sounds in our Phonics sessions (although the sound quality of the Youtube video is not as good as we would like).  We have also included a hyperlink so you can go straight to the Youtube video yourself as you may find the sound quality better.

Reading Diary/Record: Now you have 'seen' how we approach these subject we will be sending home reading books for the first time on Monday.  Please aim to read with your child 4 times each week, recording this in the Reading Diary please.  Purple shelf books are wordless.  Please still look at the book together, discussing the 'story' and using appropriate vocabulary.  Evidence shows that this is the single biggest beneficial 'habit' you can form to support your child's success at school. Little and oftern practice is essential at this stage.  This should also be recorded in the Reading Diary please.  Thank you very much.
Learning Logs: Learning Logs will begin just before half term (as the first one is 'My Half Term').  These are lovely ways to support your children's learning further from home. 
Thank you in advance for all your support from home.  A partnership between home and school allows your child to thrive and feel confident.
How to ask a question: If you have any queries about reading or writing at Russell you can contact the class teachers via:
Mrs Brown is the Phase Leader and can be contacted via Swan Class email.
Thank you so much for your time and your support.
Link to the Loom video workshop: 
Link to the 'How to say pure sounds' Loom video:

Link to the 'How to say pure sounds' video - Youtube: