Happy's Circus

6th July 2016

Happy's Circus!


At Happy's Circus there was a person called Mr Happy and a clown called Pip, Mr Happy tried to do the introduction Pip missed it so he kept asking for another introduction until he got it right.

The first act was a hula-hoop act by a lady and at the end she used 15 hula-hoops!

The second act was a balancing act by another lady who was balancing on a bike!

The third act was a box juggling act by a man and he held 20 boxes!

After that there was an interval which was 30 minutes long. After the interval I got a picture with Mr Happy and Pip and got the first programme made.

The forth act was a two handed balancing act by another lady.

The fifth act was an act by none other than...Spider Man!

The sixth act was a balancing act by a man who balanced on 5 pieces of metal.

The seventh act was a dancing duet.

After that Mr Happy and Pip did a holographic TV episode then it was the end.

By Samuel Rosher (winner of the programme design competition).

Happy Circus – Russell Lower School Wednesday 6th June 2016

Further to the recent event held in school, it is with great pleasure we can announce the total raised at the ‘Happy Circus’ event. The event was a huge success and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves; we have received some wonderful feedback. We raised a fantastic


May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support. We hope that there was minimal disruption to you but we appreciate any feedback that you may have to help us improve for future events.  

If you like to contact us please do via email PTA@russell-lower.co.uk


Kind regards

Lindsay Vickors