Headteacher for the day

14th March 2014

Sophie aged 8 writes;

"Today I have been Head teacher for the day. The first thing I did was go to assembly with the whole school.  I got to sit at the front with all of the teacher and helpers. Because it was year 3 sharing assembly Nightingales and Blackbirds showed some videos of PE. There were some different videos of nightingales doing an interview, it was all pretend though. Next I was helping a child with some words on Mrs Sealey’s tablet.

Next Mrs Scott took our picture and then put it on the Russell Website. After that we went down to Foundation stage and Year 1 and 2 so we could see what they were doing.

First we went to Robins and they were doing some painting of day and night. Next we went to Penguins and they were doing some Maths. I saw children doing PE, some Literacy and ICT.

We had lunch in the hall with some of my friends and Mrs Sealey. I had fish fingers, chips ad beans and jelly for pudding which was ‘Yummy!’

In the afternoon I showed a parent round the school and told her all about us!