Year 4 tennis festival

17th June 2014

Tennis Festival Tuesday 17th June 2014

After lunch I went to a tennis festival with some other year 4 children. When we got to Flitwick Tennis Club we put our bags down and we practised our serves and it was underarm and I thought I was quite good at the serves. After that I had a match against someone from the Firs and the final score was 8-7 to him but we did lots of good rallies.

Next I had a drink and a bit of a rest because the other year fours needed to play their match. Finally it was my go again and I was playing a girl from the Firs, we did a practise go first and then the lady blew the whistle to start the matches. The final score was 17-5 to me and I was definitely proud of myself. Next we had a presentation and we came 3rd out of our court which was good. After the presentation it was time to go but I had a brilliant time at the tennis festival.

Written Harry, Woodpecker Class