KS2 Poles Apart Topic

4th April 2014

Everyone has enjoyed this topic, from finding the ice cubes on the first day to having the ice rink on the last day.

In between we have made igloos out of sugar cubes and collage materials. We have looked at the world map to find Antarctica and we have used ipads to label the continents.

During literacy we used persuasive language to create posters and write our very own exciting story.  We packed our rucksacks and hoped we had all the correct items for such a cold climate.  We found out all about Ernest Shackleton and his life.

The last day was the ice rink and everyone had a brilliant time trying to ice skate.  Children were heard to say such things as ‘this is the best day ever’ or ‘look Mrs Longland, I can do it’ which is music to any teacher’s ears.