Our Curriculum Leaders

All subjects at Russell Lower School have a subject leader, who fosters and develops passion, skills and knowledge in their subject. 

The roles and responsibilities of the Subject Leaders are:

  • to take the lead in policy development and the production of
    schemes of work designed to ensure progression and continuity
    in their subject(s) throughout the school.
  • to support colleagues in developing work plans and in the
    implementation of schemes of work.
  • to advise on assessment and record keeping for their subject(s).
  • to monitor progress in their subject(s) and advise the headteacher
    of any action that needs to be taken.
  • to take responsibility for purchasing and organising resources for
    their subject area(s).
  • to work within an agreed budget.
  • to make time to observe colleagues in both this school and in other
    schools and for colleagues to observe them, if we are to achieve
    consistency of practice.
  • to keep up to date by attending the relevant courses and reading
    appropriate documents and books.
  • to liaise each term with Maulden Lower, The Firs Lower
    and Alameda Middle.
Please find these responsibilities below:
Curriculum Responsibilities
English                                                        Mrs Caroline Johnson
Maths                                                         Mrs Zoe Hitchings
Science and outdoor learning                      Mrs Helena Moffat
Physical Education  and Sports Premium     Mrs Sophie Hale & Mrs Louise Bunney 
Phonics                                                       Mrs Emma Jochacy
History                                                       Mrs Becky Cox
Geography                                                  Miss Clara Rawlings
Art and Design                                           Miss Rachel Walker & Mr Callum Syrett
Design and Technology                      Mrs Aleks Athanasiou (mat leave) Mrs E Rogers
Modern Foreign Languages                         Mrs Sam Connolly
Computing                                                  Mrs Chelsea Moore
Music                                                Mrs Katherine Milligan & Mrs Nicki Walker
PSHE/RSE/School Council                         Miss Becky Thompson
Religious Education                                    Mrs Dawn Tuck