Primary Science Quality Mark

11th September 2014

We are delighted that during the academic year 2013 – 2014, Russell has achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark.

This involved continual observations, recordings and assessment of science activities in school as well as on our many trips around the country. Mrs Moffat collated evidence by presenting written information as well as a powerpoint and these were evaluated against each other. We achieved the Silver Award which we were aiming for.

Ofsted praised PSQM in the latest report into science education - "The process of gaining the award brings benefits beyond the certificate"

The submissions are marked by psqm leaders from other parts of the country and comments about our submission were full of praise. Feedback was very positive

  • The science subject leader has worked with staff to identify the key principles for science.  The top five have been used to underpin the development across the year (hands on science, contextualistaion, wow science...)
  • We involved the children and asked their views on science:  I particularly liked the evidence on pupil voice which clearly shows pupils views of science have been enhanced by the rich oppurtunities.
  • The portfolio (powerpoint) clearly shows that pupils across the whole school are engaged in their learning and achievement and have opportunities to work independently.  For example the freezing of ice in year four working with the teacher , encouraging them to extend the investigation and allowing pupils to answer their own questions.


We look forward this year to experiencing many more engaging science activities full of enquiry but most of all to ensure the children have fun while they learn.