Russell Diamonds Year 4 netball

24th September 2016

Russell Diamonds Yr 4 Netball

Friendly against Harlington and Sundon lower combined teams.

Having trained hard throughout the summer term of year 3, Russell Diamonds year fours played their first ever game against a combined team from Sundon Park Lower and Harlington Lower. Representing Russell Lower were Imogen Harrison, Megan Norris, Radha Greenslade, Rosie Byrne (back row l-r), Bella Giles, Emily Davis and Ella Kouwenberg (front row l-r). There were nerves from players, parents and the coach as the girls started the first 5 minutes period against the first (and most experienced) of Sundon and Harlington’s three teams.

The first period ended 2-0 to Sundon and Harlington but the girls were not downhearted and went into the second game with confidence.   This confidence saw a number of shots from Russell with Rosie Byrne scoring two to bring the score level. At centre Bella Giles showed how well she is developing as a player, seemingly everywhere on court at the same time (2-2).

The third period was against Sundon and Harlington’s newest players meaning Russell had more opportunity to use the ball well across the court. In defence Radha Greenslade demonstrated increasing assurance with the ball both in throwing and catching. At the other end, the ever reliable Megan Norris saw one shot go wide. But it was Emily Davis who was the hero of the period with an amazing shot from range to take Russell into the lead (2-3).

The fourth period was a tougher challenge as the experienced opposition players first bought the score level and then took the lead. This time, it was Imogen Harrison’s turn to be the player who was everywhere and she made some crucial interceptions. Ella Kouwenberg bravely took a ball to the face and carried on to keep Russell tied. Sadly, there was a second goal for Sundon and Harlington and they took the lead (4-3).

In the fifth period it was a close affair and, after 3 shots, Bella Giles brought the score level. Just before the 5 minutes was up, Sundon scored to regain the lead.

With a final 5 minutes to play Russell were still full of energy and enthusiasm and a final goal from player of the match Rosie Byrne meant the girls ended their first ever game with a well-deserved draw: 5-5.

Well done to all the girls.