School Council Table Top Sale

15th January 2015

A huge thank you to everyone that supported or helped with the sale!

The School Council’s sale went really smoothly with the kind help of Mrs Hallsey organising the children setting up all the stalls.  The children did an excellent job of manning the stalls and hopefully gave everyone the correct change. A big thank you to Mr Hill for manning the penguin stall and everyone that helped us to clear away.

The total raised so far is £106 but we would like to give everyone the opportunity to still have a go at name the penguin to see if we can boost the total even higher. It cost’s 50p per go and the prize is a teddy, book, chocolates and T shirt design pack. Please see Mrs Longland in Blackbirds if you would like to have a go. The winner will be announced in assembly on Monday 26th January 2015.

Well done School Council! I think your family will be very proud of what you have managed to achieve through all your hard work.

Mrs Longland