Science Week 2016

1st March 2016

Science week report

11th – 18th March was science week where schools around the country have the opportunity to practise extra science activities.

We were lucky enough to have two of our parents, Mrs Apicella, an ecologist and Mr Owen, an engineer come into year 1 and 3 and explain a little about their jobs and give an insight into career avenues for the children’s future.

Year 1 enjoyed discussing bug hotels and the environment and the materials which would be needed to create one. They then designed and gathered items for their insects. Year 3 looked at slides of bug hotels and homes for worms. They also scavenged around the school grounds and made a wormery.

Mr Owen used a powerpoint to inform year 3 about his company which is currently using road sweepings and recycling them to return to industry to be used for concrete, compost and metal manufacture. This process involves sieving, separation and magnetism and so the children were able to investigate how to separate their own mixtures of sand, salt, nickel and brass coins as well as different size stones. As well as this, year 3 also investigated density by carefully layering different amounts of coloured sugar water into a glass.