Science Week Preparations

10th February 2022
Calling all parents and grandparents who are or were 'Scientists'!
Dear Parents and Carers,
Science Week - 11th to 18th March 2022
We are always looking to increase the children's cultural  and science capital. Therefore, as part of science week (11th - 18th March) we would love any parents with a science background or job to come and visit their child's class and let them know about your expertise. In previous years we have welcomed parents and grandparents and listened to great talks/Powerpoints about veterinary work, dentistry, engineering, lab work, bee keeping, and much more.  Could you help inspire our young people?
As well as this, we are welcoming 'science selfies' from home. We know many of you try out science experiments at home, or you may be gardening or cooking with your children. If you would like to email these activities as a photo to your child's class teacher we will make a display of them to celebrate science everywhere! Please let your child's teacher know what you have been up to.  We would love to see them!