Spring 2018

Science Corner

The weeks approaching Christmas are always busy but we still managed to fit in some extra science activities. After liaising with volunteers from kings Arms Garden in Ampthill, they informed us that tree labels were something that needed looking at in the garden. Following an identification session, tree labels were made with their botanical name and common name, and members of the Russell Garden Club, together with Mrs Longland and Mrs Moffat, presented them to the ladies in the garden during the lunchtime of 17th December. The labels will be useful for the next open day at the end of January as well as on further occasions.

Friday 18th December was the date for one of our breakfast mornings where parents are invited to join their children in classroom activities following a visit to the dining room where bacon butties and cake can be consumed. Many science activities took place which involved Santa’s potion for naughty children, making a circuit as an alarm to warn of Santa’s arrival, Christmas tree construction, chromatography baubles, ice ornaments and much more. A lot of potions were made in many classrooms, I think there will be a few budding chemists in the making!

Think about: Where is science around you?

List as many places as you can where you could find wood. Is it still alive?

How tall is the tallest human, how tall is the tallest gorilla?