Vacancies at Russell Lower School.

There are currently no vacancies at Russell Lower.

At Russell Lower School we are proud of our school, our pupils and all they achieve.  We are a happy school that achieves extremely high standards. Above all, we believe that the children and their development are paramount.  

We are currently looking to co-opt a new governor to our board and are particularly looking for someone with marketing knowledge and experience, along with the ability to question and challenge. 

The FGB meets 3 times a year, as do sub-committees. Governors serve on the FGB and usually one sub-committee. Meetings are held on a Monday at 6.30pm and usually last for about 2 hours. If you would like to find out more, do look at our school web-site about the role of governors and how to become a governor and/or contact Nicolette Ford, Chair of Governors via the school.