Year 1 Warwick Castle Trip

26th February 2015

Despite the weather’s best attempts to spoil our visit with torrential rain, fifty-nine Year 1 children from Owl and Puffin Classes had a fantastic day at Warwick Castle on Thursday 26th February. The children held the ‘Great Sword’ and found out all about the castle’s defences, watched the ‘Mighty Trebuchet’ fire a fireball, climbed a very tall tower and walked a considerable distance around the castle, recalling everything they had learned in the last few weeks about the features of a castle. Comments such as “this is the best day ever” and “I loved the Birds of Prey” were heard, making the day seem even more worthwhile. The coach journey itself was very much part of the overall experience, and we were serenaded for much of it with songs the children had been learning in Numeracy about Days of the Week and the Months of the Year…not a moment of the day went to waste! Mrs Knight and Mrs Wilde would like to thank all of the adults who helped to make it a very enjoyable day!