Year 3 Polar trip

22nd January 2015

Year 3 were lucky enough to visit the Polar Museum in Cambridge.  We had a fantastic time learning about Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic. Some comments about the trip were…

I thought the museum was good because…

“We got to see the boat that Ernest Shackleton took to South Georgia”

“I liked the maps”

“I liked the James Caird boat; it was so cool that Shackleton’s boat was there”

“I liked the medals because they were very shiny and the clothes because they had funny names”

“I liked the penguin’s egg”

“I liked the sleighs”

“There were lots of interesting models of boats”

“I enjoyed watching Daniel and Evie get dressed up in the warm clothes, they looked really funny”

You will see from the pictures that everyone had a great time.