Summer 2018 2nd half

Summer Term 2018 (2nd half)

‘On the Farm’

A visit from two hens will provide a stunning start to our topic.  The children will retell the story of The Little Red Hen after listening to different versions of the story and acting out the story in drama.  The children will follow a recipe, make their own butter and talk about changes that occur during the process. 

In ICT, the children will create a farm scene and label the features and animals.  They will draw a farm animal and its young and learn the names of animal offspring.  A sheep and a lamb will visit the school. 

There will be opportunities to read stories set on farms and the series of books - Oliver’s Milkshake, Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad.  The children will use knives safely when they cut up fruit to make fruit kebabs.

In Mathematics, the children will be counting to 100, counting on and back using a number line and using coins in the Farm Shop.  The children will explore measures: length, height, weight and capacity, learning to compare each of these using direct comparisons.  They will then progress to using uniform non-standard units to measure length, height, capacity and weight. They will compare more than two lengths using uniform non-standard units. 

The children will find out about minibeasts using non-fiction texts and will look for minibeasts in the school garden.  Observing the life cycle of a caterpillar as it turns into a cocoon and then a butterfly will give the children opportunities to talk about change, we look forward to caring for them and then releasing them.

There will be opportunities to sing songs about animals and minibeasts including Old MacDonald, Incy Wincy Spider, I Have a Little Spider, There’s a Tiny Caterpillar and Arabella Miller.  The children will have the opportunity to engage in role-play activities in The Farm Shop, Farmhouse and Theatre.

The children in Foundation Stage will find out about how to stay healthy and will use their computer skills in ICT to design a poster that promotes a healthy lifestyle.  They will consider healthy food and drink choices and ways of exercising.  When they take part in Sports Day, they will learn about teamwork and competition.

The children will consider changes and will think about how they felt when they started school; this will enable them to show empathy for the new children who will visit the foundation unit.  They will also think about what they are looking forward to about moving to Year 1.

A visit to Herrings Green Farm will provide a fabulous finish to our topic and the opportunity to find out about animals and their young.  The children will write a recount of their visit, create fact files about a farm animal and write factual sentences about life on a farm.