Physical Education (PE)

Our physical education leads are Mrs S Hale and Mrs L Bunney.
The aims for our Physical Education taken from the National curriculum
The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:
  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives

At Russell, we are all athletes. Our PE curriculum inspires our children to become enthusiastic, engaged competitor’s in sports and other physically-demanding activities. We are a values based school and firmly believe that values taught through PE, along with every avenue of our curriculum, is key in building children’s confidence, resilience and sense of personal achievement.


To help our pupils see their own potential, we often arrange visits from professional athletes, hold day-long sporting workshops and have guest sporting speakers. In recent years we have had the pleasure of visits from Steve Frew (Gold medallist gymnast at the commonwealth games) and Mike Mullen. (5 times UK pro halfpipe winner and 1994 world BMX champion.) Both of these visits offered our children the opportunity to watch the athletes perform live and then partake in workshops and question and answer sessions focussing on self-belief, letting go of fear and learning to accept mistakes as a part of learning. These both had long-lasting impact on our children, particularly the boys in KS2 who were constantly using the phrase ‘Flearning- failure=learning’ in their everyday lessons after being inspired by Mike Mullen to be resilient and learn from their mistakes.


We ensure all children receive at least two hours of high-quality PE teaching each week from both teaching staff and specialised coaches from Premier Sport. As an active school, we aim to embed physical activity in our children’s everyday lives by also offering active lessons outside of their regular PE lessons. The Active 30:30, is another strategy we implement at Russell. All young people should be striving towards 60 active minutes every single day; with school being responsible for 30 minutes and the other 30 minutes to be achieved outside of school. This supports children in their behaviour, mental health and should help tackle obesity nationally. To support this we have invested in trim trails on each of the key stage playgrounds and a new outdoor gym attached to the Key Stage 2 field to encourage pupils to stay active during their break times. Each year, we also have trained key stage 2 sports ambassadors who engage other pupils in physical activity during lunchtimes. They, alongside our midday supervisors, encourage children to take part in personal fitness challenges during their lunch time break. At Russell, we are working hard to fulfil our role in exciting and creative ways such as incorporating moments within lessons whereby the children can be active and additional timetabled activities such as mindfulness yoga.


We ensure that all children have the opportunity to compete in sporting competitions and events in the local area within their time at Russell. We pride ourselves on attending every fixture within the Redborne School Sports Partnerships, usually with multiple teams! We have consistently received the Redborne School Sports Partnership for the last 5 years due to our commitment to sport in the local area. We have also received the nationally recognised gold KS2 school games mark for the past 5 academic years and are hopeful to achieve their platinum award in 2020-21 after this was delayed in 2019-2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Offering a range of sports and activities such as gymnastics, archery, fencing and dodgeball in extra-curricular clubs both at lunchtimes and after school is very important to us. We offer both staff run and Premier Sport run clubs and we change the offered clubs every half term with the focus being on a broader sporting experience for all.



We also offer new and memorable opportunities to our children such as Bikeability Level 1 training to all of our year 4 pupils. This training gives our pupils the life-long skills of giving their bikes a safety check, riding stably and the basic highway code. We believe the transition to middle school is such an important step in our pupils’ lives and empowering them to have the choice to ride their bike to school safely can only ease that transition further. We also offer Scootability Level 1 training to all of our year 2 pupils to encourage more children to safely scoot to and from school each day. For the past two academic years, we have also offered a six-week block of swimming lessons to year 3 pupils, in addition to the statutory year 4 lessons, to give our pupils the opportunity to further improve this vital life-long skill. These opportunities are something that we intend to continue for all of our pupils in the future, to give all children the chance to achieve and excel.


Take a look at our sports premium and physical activity section to find out more.

Long term plans
Milestone example
Further milestone documents for all year groups are available, on request, to demonstrate our skill progression.
What we have been doing in PE and beyond
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