Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Examples of provisions and resources used at Russell Lower School to support pupil premium children

The Letterbox Club


Across the UK, children are enrolled for the Letterbox Club by local authorities, schools and nurseries. Each child receives their own colourful parcel of books, maths games, stationery and other high quality materials once every month for six months, from May to October. 

For many children, it's the first time they have had a letter or a parcel through the post and for some it's the first time they have had books of their own.

Click the link below to find out more and also the feedback from May to October 2019.

DoodleMaths (Key Stage 1)
Our digital learning platforms create individual work plans for children from Reception to Year 6, intelligently tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Designed to reinforce existing knowledge while gradually introducing new concepts, DoodleMaths is ideal for supplementing school learning at home.
Curriculum-aligned questions are delivered in short, fun and snappy exercise on a computer, tablet or phone. Little and often works best - just 10 minutes a day is all you need to boost your child's confidence and ability in maths. 
DoodleMaths' intelligent technology does all of the hard work. Parents can get a snapshot of their child's progress on-the-go with our DoodleConnect app, or login into our Parent Dashboard for more in-depth reports and insights.
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Switch-On Reading
Switch-on is a proven reading and writing intervention that aims to support children to participate more fully in the classroom by becoming more confident, active, independent readers and writers, who can use a range of effective reading and writing strategies in order to achieve their full literacy potential.

Switch-on Reading is an intensive 10-week literacy intervention. It is delivered daily on a one to one basis by staff who have been trained in the approach. Each lesson lasts 20 minutes. The purpose of Switch-on is to achieve functional literacy for as many pupils as possible, and so to close the reading achievement gap. 

Switch on has been evaluated by the Education Endowment Foundation and key points noted were: “Pupils with low attainment prior to the intervention showed particularly positive results, making five additional months progress on average.”

Click below to see a range of provisions recommended by the Education Endowment Foundation including some used at Russell Lower.