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Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Sleep Toolkit

Here are a few tips and ideas to support you with your child and their sleep:
Top tips for helping your child to sleep well:
  • Maintain a good sleep hygiene – decide on the bedtime and stick to it
  • Limit any screens at least 1.5 hrs before going to bed
  • Check the sleeping environment 
  • For some children rewards work well
  • Try Lavender, a relaxing scent
  • If your child is frequently waking during the night take them back to bed and say “it’s time to go to sleep

Once you have tried the sleep hygiene and behavioural strategies and you still have concerns it is a good idea to keep a sleep diary for at least two weeks to gain a general understanding of your child’s sleep pattern.

Always seek medical advice if your child has significant sleep problems or if you have any concerns to help rule out medical conditions.