Welcome To Our New Website!
Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Our Curriculum Leaders

All subjects at Russell Lower School have a subject leader, who fosters and develops passion, skills and knowledge in their subject. 

The roles and responsibilities of the Subject Leaders are:

  • to take the lead in policy development and the production of
    schemes of work designed to ensure progression and continuity
    in their subject(s) throughout the school.
  • to support colleagues in developing work plans and in the
    implementation of schemes of work.
  • to advise on assessment and record keeping for their subject(s).
  • to monitor progress in their subject(s) and advise the headteacher
    of any action that needs to be taken.
  • to take responsibility for purchasing and organising resources for
    their subject area(s).
  • to work within an agreed budget.
  • to make time to observe colleagues in both this school and in other
    schools and for colleagues to observe them, if we are to achieve
    consistency of practice.
  • to keep up to date by attending the relevant courses and reading
    appropriate documents and books.
  • to liaise each term with Maulden Lower, The Firs Lower
    and Alameda Middle.
Please find these responsibilities below:
Curriculum Responsibilities
English                                                        Mrs Caroline Johnson
Maths                                                         Mrs Zoe Hitchings
Science and outdoor learning                      Mrs Helena Moffat
Physical Education  and Sports Premium     Mrs Louise Bunney
Phonics                                                       Mrs Emma Jochacy & Mrs Emma Rogers
History                                                       Mrs Becky Cox
Geography                                                  Ms Lara Lyons (Mrs Beirne mat leave cover)
Art and Design                                           Mrs Teresa Coles
Design and Technology                               Mrs Rachel Willis
Modern Foreign Languages                         Mrs Anna Kett
Computing                                                  Mrs Louise Bunney
Music                                                         Mrs Katherine Gallagher
PSHE/RSE                                                 Mrs Nicki Walker
School Council                                            Mrs Natalie Nilletti
Religious Education                                    Mrs Dawn Tuck