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Welcome To Our New Website!
Russell Lower School

Year 3 Anglo-Saxon Day

Anglo-Saxon Day!

An Anglo-Saxon King visited our school and it was very exciting.  We learnt how the Anglo-Saxons had invaded and why their battle tactics ensured they beat the tribes living in England at that time.  We practised battle skills and learnt to make a shield wall, it was great fun, and our battle cries were very loud!

We also became archaeologists for the day, discovering artefacts and sorting them into different periods of time.  We formed a Wittan and debated the pressing issues of the day, trying to ensure that the Thralls, Churls and Thanes were all happy, and amazingly our decision making meant we beat the Viking raiders too!

Finally we needed a rest from our hard work so we played Nine Mens Morris and Hnefatafal, they were tricky games but we enjoyed them.